Investment Solutions

To provide financial solutions tailored to your investment needs

That's our Mission and that's the investment solution that we provide - one that is specific to you.

We achieve this by bringing together a range of financial products for your selection. These products are combined according to your investment objectives giving rise to a portfolio that is specific to your risk tolerance and financial goals and aspirations. Please click here to contact us. We stand ready to assist you and provide you with additional details.

Add to your portfolio or rebalance your existing portfolio by combining the following investment opportunities:

If you are in search of an independent view on the number of mutual funds that are available on the local market then you need look no further than Republic Securities Limited. We provide you with access to a host of mutual funds including those provided by third parties, even competitors. Our objective is to work with you to find the right investment opportunity that suits your specific needs. Contact us to discuss products on offer from the following providers:

  • Republic Bank - Caribbean Equity and Global Equity Funds
  • Unit Trust Corporation - First and Second Scheme, US and TT dollar denominated investments.
  • ANSA Secured Fund
  • Guardian Asset Management - a suite of funds covering the T&T, Regional, Latin American, Asian, European and Emerging Markets.
  • AIC Fixed Deposit - both TT and US dollar denominated instruments.
  • Bonds - both TT and US dollar denominated.